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Planters for Sale


All products are made in our onsite workshop, by adults and children with disabilities and special educational needs.

We can offer finished items, stained or natural to suit your requirements.

Please came and have look or simply call .

Medium Square Planter 16" x 16" £15.00
Large Square Planter 25" x 25" £25.00
Shallow Trough Planter 35" x 12" x 8" £7.50
Deep Trough Planter 35" x 12" x 12"  £10.00

Numerous timber products now for sale.
If you had ancestors, who worked on the canals with in the last 200 years, these routes would have been very familiar to them.
Between January and December 2017 The Sobriety Project, based at the Yorkshire Waterways Museum in Goole will be hosting some exciting group based activities
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